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If you are a potential match for a patient, you will be contacted at any or all steps of the patient search process:
Step 1: During a transplant center’s preliminary search of Marrow Match Registry, when you’re ranked high on a list of potential donors who are a possible match for a patient.
Step 2: When a patient’s doctor requests additional testing of your HLA tissue sample (that you provided when you joined the registry) to determine if you’re a good match, helping to narrow the list of potential donors.
Step 3: For confirmatory typing when a patient’s doctor requests a blood sample from you for additional testing to determine if you’re the best donor for the patient.

Each Stage You Will be Asked to

Confirm your willingness to move forward. Sign a consent form.
Complete questions about your health so that donation is safe for you and the patient. See medical guidelines when you match a patient for more information.
Confirm your contact information.
Discuss any questions you have about additional testing and the donation process.

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Transplant Basics

  1. How Marrow Transplants Work
  2. How Marrow Donation Works
  3. Timeline of a Transplant
  4. Matching Patients With Donors
  5. Do Patients and Donors Meet?

Donate Marrow

  1. Possible Match for a Patient in need of a bone Marrow Transplant
  2. Donation Process
  3. After You Donate
  4. Donor Safety and Support


Our Mission: Ignite Life

Marrow Match is committed to raising awareness about the realities of marrow donation in order to grow the registry with viable, educated and dedicated donors. We work to connect a donor for every patient in need by inspiring the community to join the registry and to fund its outreach.

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